Sustainability Policy

We care very deeply about the environment and sustainable oceans. We are in the business of reclaiming lobster fishing rope to make unique products. Our "Cast Away" designs collection are crafted with the reclaimed fishing float rope we harvest, sort, measure and launder. Within the last 8 years, All For Knot has diverted over 11,600 lbs of rope from landfills. The total waste, being less than 2% of the total material diverted in production of the Cast Away line of products.

All For Knot recycles packaging from our suppliers. We reuse it for buffering in our packaging for shipping. We use blue shrink wrap for packaging shipments with Courier companies that will accept it. The blue shrink was used for wrapping boats for winter storage by Pictou Marina in Nova Scotia.

Our facility has installed a heat pump for heating efficiently. The printers we use in our workshop and office are environmentally friendly, not requiring cartridges. We recycle and compost waste daily. All For Knot creates less than 1 bag of garbage per month.

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