Hiring Policy

All For Knot Hiring Policy 2023

All For Knot (AFK) focuses on improving lives by ensuring inclusion, diversity, equity and accessibility ensuring we meeting NS Human Rights Code, Labour Code and the AFK Code of Conduct Policy. This will enable us to foster respect in our workplace and in the communities’ in which we live.

AFK has no pre requisites for jobs in our workshop and no previous experience is required. 

AFK welcomes individuals wishing to learn new talents and share their strengths and abilities.

 AFK will offer mentorship to develop skills to ensure candidates are successful in their new job position.

AFK is willing to work with individuals requiring accommodations whether that is for accessibility of work spaces, religious holidays, family commitments, work hours etc. All For Knot does not require employees to work evenings or weekends.

AFK will require all team members to review and understand all AFK policies prior to signing an employment agreement. The employment agreement includes a non disclosure clause of Confidentiality and Intellectual Property.

If an individual is hired by AFK for the duration of an identified project, the employment agreement will specify if weekend or evening hours are required.

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